surgical cable assemblies

Carlisle Medical Technologies produces innovative surgical cable assemblies and interconnect solutions designed and manufactured for both limited use and high cycle life with the ability to withstand up to 500+ autoclave, Steris™ and Sterrad™ cycles. Our capabilities include:

  • Molds and overmolds thermoset and thermoplastic materials
  • Fabricates high performance metal components
  • Produces raw cable for cable assemblies.

Through vertical integration, our interconnect solutions encompass every facet of design and production.

Custom surgical interconnect assemblies include:

  • Various contact sizes and configurations
  • Locking and non-locking connectors
  • Card edge and circular connectors
  • RF/microwave connectors
  • Custom receptacles
  • Near-hermetic sealing
  • Silicone or thermoplastic construction
  • Optimized material selection and plating

Applications include video endoscopy, arthroscopy shavers, and power hand instruments.

Autoclavable Solutions

Carlisle Medical Technologies assemblies are designed and manufactured to withstand the unique environmental demands your device requires. Autoclavable solutions feature:

  • Custom designed cable and assembly level testing with the worlds most advanced equipment
  • Computer interface for real-time data logging
  • In-House Advanced Sterilization including Autoclave, Sterrad 100NX, Steris System 1E, and Industrial Dishwasher

Carlisle Medical Technologies combines over 50 years of cable manufacturing expertise with world-class capabilities to exceed your unique performance specifications. High performance cables feature silicone jackets, 5ps/ft skew control, roadmapt to 5.0Gbs, controlled impedance at 100Ω differential, highly flexible shield construction, and parylene coating. Products include:

  • High Speed Video Cable
  • High Performance Power Cable
  • Harsh Environment Fiber Optics
  • Hybrid Cable Assemblies