ECG and EKG Cables

Carlisle Medical Technologies is a world-class designer and manufacturer of high performance ECG/EKG cables and lead wire for the medical device and healthcare industries. We serve the global medical device market, with the engineering expertise and experience to meet the various certifications and regulations required in different regions throughout the world. Carlisle has earned the reputation for designing and manufacturing reliable, accurate ECG patient cables and lead wire and for leading the industry in innovation and technological advances. As part of our turnkey solutions for medical interconnect technologies solutions, our EKG cables and lead wire products meet the stringent requirements of medical applications. We manufacture our products to the highest standards so that you and your patients can rely on their performance during critical medical procedures and patient monitoring.

Carlisle produces a wide variety of ECG/EKG cables and lead wires including:

  • Cables and leads for 3/5/6/10 and 12 lead products
  • Disposable and reusable cable and wire
  • Assemblies manufactured with carbon fiber for critical care environments. Carbon fiber leads are ideal for critical treatment situations as patients can be X-rayed without removing the leads.
  • MRI safe cables and leads
  • Standard AHA and IEC color coded cables for quick and easy cable and wire attachment
  • Rugged, reliable patient cables for demanding monitoring environments
  • Fully shielded, low-noise cables and leads
  • Wide range of patient interfaces with snaps, grabbers, and banana pins for secure, comfortable connections with excellent trace quality
  • Forward/backward interconnect compatibility to existing standards
  • Finished products and sub-assemblies
  • Custom patient and monitor cable interconnect solutions

At Carlisle, our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensure that your defibrillation leads will meet the most stringent requirements, providing proper fit, function, and interconnectivity for patient and monitoring devices. We have the capacity to manufacture quantities from prototype through very high volume at cost-effective prices. Our manufacturing processes are validated and our inhouse testing and product verification services ensure that your products meet or exceed your requirements, and will provide reliable, accurate performance every time.
Carlisle facilities that produce medical products are all ISO 13485 and registered with the FDA as required. Contact us today to learn about our ECG/EKG solutions.