Ultrasound Cable Assembly

Fine wire termination technology leverages our experience in automated and semi-automated processes to ensure consistent quality in each ultrasound cable assembly we offer. Our engineers design ultrasound cables for applications that require ergonomic feel, while maintaining tight capacitance control.

  • Cardiac
  • Trans-Esophageal
  • General Imaging
  • IVUS and Imaging Catheter Assemblies

Cable Design
  • Optimal ergonomics
  • Capacitance control
  • Thin wall extrusion with FEP, PFA, ePTFE
  • Cable jackets using PVC, TPU, TPR and Silicone

Fine Wire Termination
  • 40-50AWG coax and single conductors
  • Laser processing utilizing Co2 and YAG technology
  • Termination to connectors, ceramics and all substrate materials